Shun DM0706 Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife Review: Too Clumsy?

Shun DM0706 Classic 8 Inch Chef Knife Review: Too Clumsy?


If you’re looking for the ultimate Chef’s Knife, the Shun Classic 8 inch DM0706 is one of the best all-around choices. Not only is it built to slice, dice and chop; it’s also built to last. With 32 layers of high carbon stainless surrounding a VG MAX core, it has a Damascus look with the added benefit of being rust resistant.

The D-shaped handle is comfortable and fits well in the hand and is made from sturdy PakkaWood for durability. The overall size of this chef knife is 12” x 2”, and it is dishwasher safe.

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  •         Blade: VG MAX core wrapped in stainless steel
  •         Upper: 420J Japanese steel
  •         Cutting Edge: 16 degrees on both sides
  •         Handle: TPE Polymer
  •         Weight: 6.75 ounces
  •         Dimensions: 13.5” long x about 2” at the widest point
  •         Blade Length: 8”
  •         Warranty: Lifetime
  •         Manufactured in Japan


What’s the difference between VG-10 and VG MAX?

Shun made the older version of this classic 8 inch chef’s knife using the popular VG-10 steel, while this newer model uses VG MAX, but what’s the difference? Essentially, VG-MAX is much better and stronger steel. In fact, it’s one of the finest cutlery steels you can buy on the market today.

The difference with the Shun dm0706 is that the MAX version uses extra carbon, chromium, cobalt and tungsten in the steel which improves its durability and strength and is more resistant to corrosion and wear. The tungsten lets the steel be finer in grain so the edge is extra sharp.

Can I use an electric sharpener?

You can, but it’s not recommended. It’s best to simply hone this knife when needed, then send it to Shun or take it to an authorized dealer for free sharpening when needed. The 16 degree angle on the blade can make it difficult to get a good edge with an electric sharpener without damaging the blade.

You may want to have a sharpener on hand, as well. It also makes a great gift.

You can see Amazon’s Choice for the Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener by clicking here.

Does it come with a sheath?


This particular knife, the shun dm0706, does not come with a sheath, though it does come with a beautiful box which makes a nice presentation.

Can I store it on a magnetic knife holder?

Some people worry that high quality knives can be damaged or scratched if stored on a magnetic knife rack. If you’re careful when removing the knife, chances are no knife will become damaged by the magnetic holder. The best thing to do is to slightly twist the knife away from the edge when removing it.

If you’d like to be extra cautious, you can paint the magnetic bar with Plastidip or any type of paint that will stick. This will keep it from scratching your fine cutlery. In a pinch, you can even place a piece of paper towel between your knife and the holder.

Does it have a full tang?

Yes, the blade steel continues all the way through to the end of the handle on this model.

Can I chop with it?

Many knife makers recommend avoiding chopping with their knives, but Shun isn’t one of them with regard to the Classic series. Even restaurant owners in their reviews say they use this knife to do everything from butterflying chicken to chopping vegetables on a daily basis. You can use it in a slicing or rocking motion depending on what you’re cutting. We do have a review of the Shun Nakiri if you do a lot of vegetable chopping.

What’s the best way to maintain it?

While this one is dishwasher safe, it really is best to hand wash any good knife for the best care. The most important thing is to make sure the blade doesn’t get dinged up and the wood handle doesn’t sit in water. For these reasons, the best way to care for it is to wipe it off with a sponge or wash it in the sink after use and then dry it thoroughly. It’s fine to use a mild soap or detergent but best to stay away from anything abrasive.

What kind of grind does it have?

Knives all have different types of grinds on their blades. Some have a full flat grind; others have one that is v-shaped or chiseled. This shun 8 inch chef knife has a double bevel grind. Additionally, the steel is forged rather than stamped.

Can it be laser engraved?

Whether you’re giving this as a gift or just want to make sure everyone knows it’s yours, you can have this blade laser engraved. However, be aware that some types of engraving won’t show as well due to the pattern on the blade.

8-inch chef's knife for versatile slicing, chopping, dicing, and more
Made from VG-10 stainless steel clad with 32 layers of high-carbon stainless steel
Patterned, layered surface; stunning look of Damascus steel with added rust resistance
Measures approximately 12 by 2 inches
Dishwasher Safe
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Black laminated PakkaWood D-shaped handle provides maximum comfort
Free Sharpening for Life
Customer Rating 4.5
Check Amazon Prices


  •         Great value for the quality
  •         Well balanced
  •         Free lifetime sharpening from the manufacturer


While overall this knife is popular in reviews, if you’re left handed, you may want to look elsewhere. (The Shun Sora Chef’s Knife might be a good alternative.) While right-handed users love this blade, it’s specifically meant for them. If you’re a lefty, you’ll find it significantly less comfortable.

Is it time to replace your cutting board? Experts suggest that you replace them about every 2 years or so.

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Final Thoughts

The Shun DM0706 8 inch chef knife is a great all-purpose knife that can be used in so many ways. Whether you’re a home cook or professional chef, you’ll find it’s a go-to blade. In review after review, users who’ve put it through its paces brag about its comfort, durability and ability to stay sharp despite heavy use.

classic-8-in-chef-shun-picThe wide blade keeps your knuckles off the cutting board. This is especially useful for scooping food from the cutting board into a waiting pan. The 8” blade is the perfect size for preparing any type of protein or fruits and vegetables.

With its slightly curved bottom, you can easily use it in a rocking motion to create a very fine mince of herbs and spices, and the thin blade makes it nice and light while still maintaining a good balance.

Shun’s proprietary VG-MAX steel makes this knife the smart choice if you’re looking for a higher end blade without the hefty price tag. While the wood handle and fancy steel make it look good, it also wears incredibly well and is easy to use and maintain. Without a doubt, the Shun Classic Chef Knife will be the one you grab every night when it’s time to make dinner.

If this is not the chef knife for you, please click here to see our review of the Shun HIkari – 2016 Kitchen Knife of the Year.

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