5 Most Common Mistakes Cooks Make With Their Knives

5 most common mistakes cooks make with their knives



It’s time to learn how to care for the best tool in your kitchen. Look==>


  • Buying cheap, inexpensive, low quality cutlery


This may be the single most common mistake made by the home cook. I’ve done it many, many times. Raise your hand if this sounds like you: I’m walking through the supermarket and hanging right by the spatulas is this shiny, neon colored knife on sale for $5.99.

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Bake Cake in Rice Cooker? Uga Uga!

Bake Cake in a Portable Rice Cooker?

Baking cake in a rice cooker? Can you do it. Can it even be done? Would you try? Read on and Learn how =>

For many modern Chinese it’s not a question of would they do it but rather how to do it. Many Chinese do not have conventional Western ovens. However they do have rice cookers. Here’s the problem that needs a solution:  how do you make a cake using a rice cooker instead of a western oven.  Look ==> Continue reading

6 Quick and Easy Tips for Using Your Stainless Steel Rice Cooker


6 Tips To RICE COOKER Rice: Quick & Easy

Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

It used to be that we cooked rice or vegetables on the top of the stove. You added the rice to boiling water. As with many things in the American diet, we lost something when we traded for convenience. For example, those easy and convenient “minute rice” dishes. Along with the convenience, we lost nutrition. This rice is precooked, then dehydrated and then packaged.

All to save a few minutes. Not only do you lose nutrition, but the taste is much different. There is really nothing to compare to a bowl of fresh, delicious rice. But now there’s something better: a rice cooker. If you haven’t used one of these beauties before, prepare to be inspired.

There are a few things you need to know before hand.  Look ==>
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Do I Really Need This Kitchen Knife? The #1 Rule When Choosing a Kitchen Knife?

Do I Really Need This Kitchen Knife?

Best Kitchen Knife


Okay. it’s saturday morning and you’re watching some cooking show. And some chef is telling you that you, too, can make this marvelous new style of mashed potatoes, or ratatouille or whatever.


So,  you walk into your kitchen, look for your kitchen knife set and reach for a knife. First let me ask where do you reach? Do you open a drawer and look into a pile of jumbled or Twisted bits of metal? Do you have large wooden block on your kitchen counter? Do you have one of those hanging magnetic knife holders mounted on the wall?


So you reach out and you grab the knife you usually take or you just grab the first handle your hand comes into contact with and you hold it up and you think to yourself I might be able to do better. Maybe it’s time I think about replacing these old knives.


The question is what kitchen knife should i buy? Or how about just what’s a good knife? what’s a good set of knives? do I need a set of knives? what knives do I need? What makes a good kitchen knife set? Continue reading

How to Carve a Turkey Without Looking Like One

How to Carve a Turkey Without Looking Like Oneturkey-carving-step-1

The turkey is the single iconic representation of Thanksgiving dinner, and knowing how to carve your masterpiece is almost as important as knowing how to cook it. A Henckels knife set will help in this regard. And if the presentation of your last few turkeys has been less than stellar, it’s probably a good idea to brush up on proper turkey carving method. But you don’t need to be intimidated. There are really only a few major steps to turkey carving. And remember, turkey carving comes down to simple technique.  Look ==> Continue reading

Knife Skills You Can Practice While You Cook

How to Practice Your Knife Skills and be a Better Chef


Chopping an onion:  This is an excellent exercise in choosing the correct knife. We have discussed before the benefit of having a few very good knives in your kitchen. The chef’s knife, the paring knife, the chopping (nakiri or santoku). To be fair, you can (and I have) used each of these knives to ractice this skill.

But today I want to refer you to some of the classic techniques used by Jacques Pepin. Continue reading