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chef  Are you struggling with old & worn out kitchen Cutlery? or Cookware?

Then you have landed on the right site.

Every home chef knows the value of good quality cookware and knives. Whether you are building the perfect menu for entertaining guests or just baking a batch of cookies for the kids, good equipment makes all the difference in the kitchen.

We are dedicated to bringing you the very best in Kitchen Knives – like Wusthof, Shun, Henckels and others.

Do you always need to buy the most expensive? I have some friends that use this as their mantra! But the answer is “NO”! There are many mid-range priced kitchen knives that are an excellent addition to your knife block set.

Let me give you an example:


When it comes to Japanese knives many people incorrectly feel that a good way to tell if a knife is good or bad resides in the price. The more expensive the better the knife. This can be true to an extent, but the reality is that nowadays there is more parity between Japanese knives in terms of sharpness, and edge retention.

The Yanagiba knife is considered to be in the mid-low-end range when it comes to these types of knives and for this reason professionals aren’t giving it the attention it deserves. However this knife has found a nice little market between home cooks.

The Shun Pro line single beveled is a specific slicing knife. The single bevel was designed to slice through fish and recognize pin bones. The design offers an excellent knife control thanks to the precise and unique feeling the single bevel gives the chef, you can almost say that the Shun Pro Yanagiba Knife 9-1/2″ acts almost as an extension of the human arm. The blade is made of high-carbon VG-10 “super steel” which offers maximum strength and edge retention. This also makes the knife extremely sharp and enables it to slice right through delicate foods without tearing or bruising them.


How about Cookware? Are you still using that bent pan your mom gave you for christmas? Time to upgrade?

We have evaluated the best in kitchen cookware – like All Clad, Cuisinart and more!

What about gas stoves? Do some pots and pans perform differently on gas vs electric? It would be helpful to know the difference BEFORE you buy! We  can help.

You can cook practically with any pan on a gas stove; the big deal is that the new non-stick pans usually get burned at the bottom, especially the ones that have bright colors on the exterior. After a few months, you could notice discoloration with the form of the flames.

The trick to cook with a non-stick pan on a gas stove is to cook on medium heat. Remember that ceramic, for example, is an excellent heat conductor and retains the heat, so you can perfectly pre heat a little bit and then cook your meal in medium or lower heat.

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