6 Quick and Easy Tips for Using Your Stainless Steel Rice Cooker


6 Tips To RICE COOKER Rice: Quick & Easy

Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

It used to be that we cooked rice or vegetables on the top of the stove. You added the rice to boiling water. As with many things in the American diet, we lost something when we traded for convenience. For example, those easy and convenient “minute rice” dishes. Along with the convenience, we lost nutrition. This rice is precooked, then dehydrated and then packaged.

All to save a few minutes. Not only do you lose nutrition, but the taste is much different. There is really nothing to compare to a bowl of fresh, delicious rice. But now there’s something better: a rice cooker. If you haven’t used one of these beauties before, prepare to be inspired.

There are a few things you need to know before hand.  Look ==>

Rice cooked in a rice cooker can be more perishable, yellow or the texture of the rice can be dry and hard.

So, how do you make rice, cooked in a rice cooker and heated there, that is not wilted, yellow or dry? This is almost always due to not using enough water. But there are some other things you can do to improve the quality of your rice. Here are some tips:


Use Some Lime Juice


Before cooking the rice, try adding a few drops of lime juice to the rice. Lime juice is believed to make the texture of the rice tender and softer to the tongue, the colors become more white and it doesn’t taste stale or dry. Some recipes call for lime jest or thin julienne strips of the lime rind. The natural oils in the skin are imparted to the rice and it also adds some extra moisture.


Wash & Rinse Your Rice

Wash the rice thoroughly before cooking. Washing the rice before hand not only rinses the starches off but will help the rice to cook clean and white. This is a critical step and one that most Americans who have grown up with “minute rice”often overlook. It is good to allow the rice to soak in water for a period of time before cooking. You may need to replace the water occasionally.

You will want to try some good quality japanese rice. This is a brand we recommend.


Measure Carefully

Most measurements for the amount of rice and water are not American units. This is a common mistake and leads to undercooked or dry and hard rice.

I have often heard people complain that they don’t like the way their rice cooker works. They are unhappy and dissatisfied with the final product.

This can almost always be avoided by carefully following the recommended measurements. Make sure that you use enough water for cooking rice in a rice cooker. Make sure you use the right quantity of water. In other words, read the instructions. Too much or too little will make a big difference.

Measure your rice properly, as well. If you are used to the “minute rice” recipe, your rice cooker rice isn’t going to turn out the way you like it.

There are some recipes that use excess water. But these tend to be recipes for gruel or soup.

Cook Only Enough For Each Meal

It is recommended that you cook only enough for each meal. In this way, your rice is always fresh and delicious. Many modern rice cookers have warming cycles. But, this should be used to keep your rice warm during a meal. It is not recommended that you cook rice and try and keep it warm for several hours. This will, almost always, end with wilted, dry and hard rice.

Avoid cooking rice in the morning and saving it to eat in the evening or even night. Try to cook in the morning for breakfast, lunch cook for lunch and so on.

Stir the Rice During the Cooking Cycle

Do not forget to stir the rice during the cooking process. Stirring the rice while cooking in order to keep it perfect and smooth. In addition, stirring the rice during the cooking process will also create a softer texture of rice and make it taste better. This step gives you the chance to make correction during the cooking cycle. This is one way to determine if there is too much or too little water. Stirring also allows water vapor in the rice to circulate and spread throughout the rice evenly.


Use Good Quality Rice Cooker

This next tip almost goes without saying. So that the rice is not wilted, dry or yellow be sure to use a quality rice cooker. There are many good quality rice cookers on the market today that are reasonably priced and will last for many years.

Today, most of the quality rice cookers will allow you to cook more than just rice. In this way, you can get more value out of your purchase. It can be used like a slow cooker or to make ‘one-pot’ meals.

Bonus Tip

Be sure not to leave your cooked rice in the rice cooker very long. It is recommended that you take the rice out once it’s cooked to store in another bowl. If your prefer your rice dry, you can unplug the rice cooker and open the lid and let the rice cool. This will dry it out slightly.

If you want to keep the rice warm, you can re-heat the rice. Most modern rice cookers have warming and re-heating cycles.

And finally, keep the inside pot clean. Don’t leave rice in the pot over night as this encourages the growth of bacteria.

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